Need help with running your local Israeli business? we are offering our “Outsourced GM services" which is a personal and professional General Manger.

Maximum results in Minimum costs

My name is Erez Levi, the CEO of Iskit, with over two decades of working experience in senior management roles, consulting dozens of businesses, we came up with a special Outsourced GM service, which gives your business a part time GM, which you can enjoy it’s vast experience in affordable cost model.

We will examine together the areas in which you have difficulty or need help in management. We will tailor you the service , which is the most suitable for your business (marketing, operations, finance, etc.). We will build a work plan and most importantly we will develop a personal attitude with the business and you. We'll go one-on-one all the way!

לוגו - אר אל אי

"I had the pleasure of working with Erez toward a common goal of rationalizing the global supply chain. We shared the same basic ideals, but I really respected his passion and ability to align team members, with various cultural backgrounds, towards a common goal. He is a well respected Materials executive, with expertise in Global Supply Chain Management."

Bob Ichein – President at RLI Group

ארז לוי - מנכ

Pleasure to meet - Erez Levi - CEO and founder

The company is Led by Erez Levy – CEO and founder.

Over 20 years in senior management roles in Applied Materials (10 billion)

Over 15 years guiding and leading communities of purchasing managers

Over 15 years as initiator and facilitator of conferences for business opportunities

Over 15 years as an instructor and lecturer of professional business workshops

Over 10 years Academic Education – LLB in Law, BA and MBA in Business management.

Over 10 years as Director of Business Development Project, Ministry of Economy and Industry

Over 5 years as CEO and founder of a business development company for growth

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    • Metal sheet, Machining and Constructions
    • Turn key Manufacturing and Assembly
    • Professional Staffing – Engineering and PM
    • Cable and Electrical Cabinets
    • Motion and Control Technologies and Systems
    • Logistics and packaging
    recommended local business - erez levi
    recommended local business - erez levi
    recommended local business - erez levi