With over two decades of experience – Iskit – Business development for growth, brings a set of professional tools, advanced technologies and structured methods to business, operational and organizational development in Israel for every business.

Among the leading services that the company provides:

  • Israel sourcing solution support Global companies fulfilling their Israel Off-Set requirements, by connecting them with local suppliers.
  • Suppliers searching, bidding, contracting, negotiating, purchasing and suppliers management during the project life cycle.
  • Comprehensive solutions for local industrial cooperation as well as logistics and liaison services for sourcing in Israel
  • Set up a consortium of Israel suppliers to fulfill  broaden range of commodities/technologies
  • Assistance in establishing business relations, establishing companies and penetrating to the Israeli market.
  • Strategic business consulting including the construction of an applied business plan.
  • Tools for building a strong operation base in Israel (in the fields of business development, marketing and sales, manufacturing operations, procurement and the supply chain).
  • Advanced business management tools – performance assessment and KPI.
  • Management techniques and HR.
  • Managing business partners and creating partnerships, acquisitions and mergers.

We are proud of dozens of businesses for which we have assisted to accomplish strategic goals, increase sales, and improve operations and logistics.

If you own or manage a business,  company or organization, or think about starting a business or penetrating the Israeli market, we can help you with a wide range of tools, rich business and local industry experience, and bring your business to growth and prosperity.

תהליך הקמת

Our Vision: To bring executives, businesses, companies and unions into growth and fulfill their potential


Business development and networking with potential customers and local Israeli businesses

Implementing "Business Growth" management tools

One on one personal services

יצירת מנוע צמיחה עסקי

Business planning and strategy for growth

Every business, in any competitive environment, can be brought to growth and prosperity if it operates correctly.

Many businesses develop from ideas and are quickly caught up in the daily routine without having the time or the ability to stop and study the work processes, analyze the market in which they operate, and change accordingly.

Unfortunately, the moment when these businesses decide to improve is usually a breaking point of dealing with crisis: loss of strategic customers, loss of market leadership, difficulties in penetrating new areas, failed launch of service or product.

Business development for growth is first of all a decision that begins with building or strengthening strong foundations in the business: the strategy in the heart of the business, the goals, the employees, the procedures, the methods of work, the negotiation techniques with the suppliers, the reinforcement of the production / supply / marketing infrastructures.

ייעוץ תפעולי, רכש ולוגיסטיקה ושרשרת אספקה - ארז לוי פיתוח עסקים לצמיחה

Building operational strategy

Many organizations live the moment and act in accordance with immediate circumstances, without planning and long-term thinking. If you recognize your business as such, you are not alone. Over 80 percent of businesses do not plan to equip themselves with long-term procurement, they do not review potential suppliers, compare costs, and certainly do not think about improving processes and reducing resources to the minimum necessary.

When the margins are big, the lack of planning and lack of improvement may be tolerable. But when profit margins are low, lack of control, planning and improvement processes, may be a death sentence to the business.

Through the process of analyzing operational processes, understanding the logistics and supply chain in the business, we can lead to growth, stability and increased profitability.

מנהיגות - ארז לוי - פיתוח עסקים לצמיחה

Organizational consulting, measurement and development of human resources

Businesses develop slowly according to needs, demand and circumstances. Thus, duplication of roles, inappropriate organizational structure, and lack of communication are very common.

We provide organizational consulting such as:

  • Adapting the organizational structure to the business needs and requirements
  • Defining roles and clear responsibilities for managers and employees
  • Proper qualification of managers and employees so that their role will match their skills
  • Managing recruitment and
  • Pursuit of excellence among employees
  • Implementation of professional training and enrichment programs

In addition, many organizations are required to manage teams deployed around the world, sometimes in a number of geographic locations that are significantly away.

Such situations pose difficult challenges and requires advanced managing tools.
We at Iskit, excel at implementing advanced management practices and methodologies.
Together we will provide you with practical tools for management of global teams.

מיזוגים ורכישות - סדנה - ארז לוי - פיתוח עסקים לצמיחה

Creating business relations with large companies in the Israeli economy

We have proven expertise in creating the right business connections between local businesses and anchor institutions.

The project includes joining organizations with large purchasing budgets, careful study of their needs and building a process of connecting the needs and capabilities of local Israeli businesses.

לוגו - אר אל אי

"I had the pleasure of working with Erez toward a common goal of rationalizing the global supply chain. We shared the same basic ideals, but I really respected his passion and ability to align team members, with various cultural backgrounds, towards a common goal. He is a well respected Materials executive, with expertise in Global Supply Chain Management."

Bob Ichein – President at RLI Group

ארז לוי - מנכ

Pleasure to meet - Erez Levi - CEO and founder

The company is Led by Erez Levy – CEO and founder.

Over 20 years in senior management roles in Applied Materials (10 billion)

Over 15 years guiding and leading communities of purchasing managers

Over 15 years as initiator and facilitator of conferences for business opportunities

Over 15 years as an instructor and lecturer of professional business workshops

Over 10 years Academic Education – LLB in Law, BA and MBA in Business management.

Over 10 years as Director of Business Development Project, Ministry of Economy and Industry

Over 5 years as CEO and founder of a business development company for growth

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    • Metal sheet, Machining and Constructions
    • Turn key Manufacturing and Assembly
    • Professional Staffing – Engineering and PM
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    recommended local business - erez levi
    recommended local business - erez levi
    recommended local business - erez levi